March Madness Odds 2019

14 February 2019

As the big tournament is getting closer, online bettors are trying to catch early March Madness odds at their favorite operators. Read the rest of this March Madness betting guide for more information on this competition and March Madness tips. 

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Top March Madness Picks

Based on what we’ve seen from some of the early bettors on the market, here are the top choices for this year’s tournament:

Top March Madness Picks 2019
Bet TypeMarch Madness Lines
Last team inRobert Morris
To reach Final FourWest Virginia, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Nevada
To reach Sweet 16Duke
To win the championshipWest Virginia

The last year’s winner of the NCAA competition was Villanova. The winning team had won the championship after scoring 79-62 against their rival Michigan.

Yet, this year, Villanova seems to be missing some key players which could affect their performance as a team. Based on that, it seems like they could miss another opportunity to catch two consecutive titles.

West Virginia has just added their newest transfer – Andrew Gordon to the frontline, along with Sagaba Konate, Esa Ahmad and Lamont West.

Bettors are obviously recognizing that there is a potential for this team in the upcoming tournament. The Mountaineers are, for that reason, among the favorites for this NCAA season. Nevada seems to be the second favorite team.

There is a good reason for that too as they have brought back the twins – Caleb and Cody Martin. The team has a lot of experience and bettors are hoping to see some interesting matches.

You can use this information to get some good March Madness odds early on.

Should you place your bets now or wait until the finals?

As always, you should have your personal goals in mind when you make these kinds of decisions.

If you decide to place your bets early, you can catch some good March Madness odds but with a higher risk due to the lack of information about the current status of teams and players.

Yet, if you wait for a while, the odds will probably be less attractive, but you will have more information about each team’s current condition.

For example, there might be some injuries along the way or other factors which can affect their performance.

Which team is the safest March Madness bet?

Based on the statistics from the previous years, it is not that easy to figure out the single safest March Madness betting pick.

But if we had to choose one, that would probably be West Virginia to win the championship.

The Mountaineers seem to have what it takes to make it to the top in the 2019 NCAA tournament.

We are hoping to see Nevada in the Final Four phase of the competition. You can search different online sportsbooks and compare their March Madness odds for these types of bets.

You can also read any of our bookmaker reviews to get the idea of their odds quality.

How to bet on March Madness?

Once you decide that you like the March Madness odds which the specific operator is offering, you can proceed to place your first bets.

Betting on this tournament is very similar to any other kind of sports betting. Here is a general overview of what you need to do if you want to make your first March Madness lines.

  1. Register for a new account. Visit your favorite betting operator’s site and start the registration process. Don’t forget to use the bonus code if such feature is available.
  2. Deposit your funds. Make sure that you choose the payment method for your first deposit and read their terms of service carefully. Find your March Madness picks. By now, you have probably decided what types of bets you are going to place.
  3. Find your bets and put them on your online betslip. At this point, it is a good idea to check if you are satisfied with your March Madness odds again.
  4. Choose your stake. All that is left for you now is to choose your stake and place your bet. You might also be able to use some sort of welcome bonus that the operator has given you.

March Madness Tips FAQ

If you are still not sure about some aspects of this March Madness betting guide, feel free to check our FAQ section below.

Should I bet on the Final Four this early?

If you have a really good feeling or you are good at predicting at least one of the four teams that will end up in this phase of the competition, then this is probably a good idea.

And don’t forget that you can take advantage of some early March Madness odds by doing this. Just keep in mind that the risks are always higher when you bet this early on.

What are the perks of betting on a Cinderella team?

The Cinderella team is a team that surprises everyone in the current season with their results.

Although these kinds of bets are not easy to guess, they often have better March Madness odds attached to them. There is also that satisfying feeling that you get when you were right and everyone else was wrong.

What are seeds?

Seeds represent the ranks for each team in this competition. Each team’s seed can give you an idea of their performance in the specific part of the competition. However, don’t rely too much on seeds only, and take into consideration other factors while making your March Madness lines.

Is it a good idea to bet on the team that is on the bubble?

These types of bets can go either way. That is why they usually have a higher March Madness odds attached to them.

If you bet on these teams it is important to do your homework properly. Try to figure out if there are any indications that the team will achieve the predicted result.

What phase of the NCAA competition is the easiest to bet on?

It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to make March Madness tips for the Sweet 16, Elite 8 or Final 4 phase of the tournament.

Online bookies will offer the March Madness odds according to the chances and calculations of their own to match the probability of your bets.

On the other hand, your personal strategies when it comes to online betting can work better in different phases of this tournament.

How to find the best March Madness odds on the market?

The best way to do this is to read various online sportsbook reviews on this site and compare them together.

This will give you a more detailed look at their promotions, welcome offers, quality of odds, etc. Remember that the welcome bonus can be quite useful when you are placing your bets for the first time.

How can I find out more about the current status of each team?

We recommend you to read some of the trustworthy sports news funnels. These can be easily found with a little bit of online research.

Once you find these news sources, you should read them on a regular basis to be up to date with the teams that you plan to bet on.

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