March Madness 2019 Final 4 Betting

14 February 2019

Another March Madness is before us. Numerous operators are currently offering plenty of different Final Four odds. Not sure which teams to choose as your Final Four picks? After thorough research, we’ve managed to create a list of teams that might make it to the Final Four.

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When we were choosing teams, we took into account all the aspects: the team’s performance, the teams, their strengths and weaknesses, strategies they use etc. If last year’s March Madness and Final Four odds showed us that anything is possible. How so? Well, all the strongest contenders got eliminated and the Final Four picks were the “Cinderella Team”.

If you’re not clear on this term, let’s explain it. Cinderella Team is composed of the teams that achieved greater success than it was expected of them.

The teams that reached the Final 4 last year were:

  • Villanova,
  • Michigan,
  • Kansas,
  • Loyola,
  • Chicago.

Because of these changes in the teams that went forward into the competition, the Final Four odds were constantly changing.

Villanova was crowned National Champion by beating Michigan with a convincing victory: 79-62. From the Midwest Regional, Kansas beat Duke, which was not expected, since Duke is considered one of the strongest team in the NCAA Tournament. In the East Regional, the Villanova was the one who came out as a winner, beating Texas Tech.

The finalists in the West Regional were Florida State and Michigan, where the latter won by 4 points. Loyola – Chicago played against Kansas State and had a convincing win by 16 points. Because of that, it’s not easy deciding which teams will be our Final 4 picks.

Continue reading to find out which teams are a part of our Final Four odds prediction. All this brought a lot of changes to the Final Four lines, which is something that can easily repeat this year.

Which teams are the best Final Four picks?

Here, we’ll discuss more the Final Four odds and explain why we chose certain teams as our Final 4 picks.

According to our assessment, these teams are in our Final 4:

  • Virginia,
  • Duke,
  • Gonzaga,
  • Tennessee.

Even though Virginia recently lost against Duke, and with that lost its title as the last unbeaten team in Division I, the number of their victories is still much greater, and their defense is one of the strongest among all the teams.

We think Duke is an obvious choice, based on their performance. Even though they played a few games without one of their best players, Tre Jones, they still managed to win. Now that he’s back, along with Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, and Cam Reddish, they might just be unstoppable.

Gonzaga is still at the top of our list. This team has played great games, and they plan on going even stronger now with Killian Tillie coming back, after suffering the ankle injury. Now that the team is complete, we believe it will reach its full potential in the upcoming games.

Tennessee was eliminated last year in the second round of the South Regional. But, ever since that loss, they have been playing amazing basketball, and have quickly showed themselves as serious competitors who are in it to win it. At the moment, these teams are our top picks for obvious reasons.

However, we can’t avoid including the following teams: Kentucky, Michigan St, Nevada, Villanova, North Carolina. They have proven they are here to fight, according to the latest games they’ve played. So, just keep an eye out for those teams, and follow their game.

As the tournament approaches, we are certain that Final Four odds are going to greatly vary. Take a look when you should choose to place the bet.

bet on final 4

Should you bet on the Final Four now or wait?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you the right answer, because there isn’t one, at least in our opinion. We can, however, tell you what are your options, and you can make the decision for yourself.

The first option is to bet with the current Final Four odds. Of course, that would mean you’d get a bigger payout in the end if you’re right. But, the chances of you actually winning those bets now are very slim.

The second option is to wait for some games to play out. That way you’d be more certain of the outcome.

But, the Final Four odds at that point would be closer to evens, and the payout would be smaller. But, you would have bigger chances of winning.

The truth is, neither of the options is perfect, so, it’s up to you to decide which way you’d want to go. The important thing to understand is that Final Four odds will greatly change as every game plays out.

How can you bet on the Final Four?

In the sports wagering world, last year was great. Some of the states in the US have regulated the online sports betting market and made online betting possible.

Now, if you are located in those states, you can easily access the online sports betting platforms and place bets on your favorite sports. That includes the March Madness. In this section, we’ll explain to you how online sports wagering works, and what you have to do in order to bet on your Final Four picks.

The first step is finding the right sportsbook. Visit a couple of platforms, compare the odds and chose the one with the best Final Four odds. Once you’ve created an account and made your deposit, you can easily start placing bets.

You can do so in these simple steps:

  1. Select the sport you want to bet on and find the game;
  2. Choose the team, select the odds;
  3. Once you’ve entered your stake, you’re ready to place a bet.

If you’re not sure how to sign up, go through the guide we’ve prepared for you in the next section.

How can you sign up for online sports betting?

Before you can bet on your favorites in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there is one thing you need to do – create an account. Usually, only members of a certain online sportsbook are allowed to bet. And, while you’re at it, you can get a great welcome bonus each sportsbook offers to all new customers.

You can create an account by following this simple guide:

  1. Visit the platform you’ve chosen and click on the button that usually says “Sign up/ Join/Register”;
  2. Fill out the registration form with all the required details;
  3. Create a username and a password;
  4. Choose your payment method and make the initial deposit.

That’s all there is. You’re now registered, and you can proceed to make bets on the teams you prefer. As you can tell, Final Four betting is a possible option. We hope that our Final Four tips will help you with betting adventures in the March Madness tournament.

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