March Madness 2019 Elite 8 Betting

14 February 2019

Consult our article and discover all about the March Madness Elite 8 Predictions for this year. Last year these teams made it all through the Elite Eight: Kansas State, Loyola-Chicago, Florida State, Michigan, Kansas, Duke, Texas Tech and Villanova. Which teams will enter the regional final round in 2019? Let’s see the anticipations, and whether or not is a good idea to get involved in the early Elite 8 betting.

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Top Elite 8 Picks

As you probably know, Elite Eight is the fourth round of the tournament, when just 8 teams remain. The four winners of this stage move on to the Final Four, the national semifinal. However, 68 teams participate in total.

That’s why making the Elite 8 predictions before the Tournament has actually begun is pretty complicated since there is no much information.

Nevertheless, there is already a lot of speculations about the top Elite 8 picks. The betting experts usually take into account the statistics and teams’ past performance when making their predictions. In our article, we’ll present you the most common Elite 8 Predictions that can be found right now.

Keep in mind that things might change, because one thing that March Madness is known for is a surprise. Even though every year there are certain favorites right from the begging, often there are teams that beat all the odds and make it to the end although nobody saw it coming.

If we take into account the current Elite 8 predictions, some of the following teams could end up in the fourth round of the Tournament:


According to Elite 8 predictions, Blue Devils might have the easiest path ahead of them. There are some strong opinions that the Duke could make it to the Final Four and even the National Championship.

So far the team has won 5 NCAA Championships and appeared in 16 Final Fours. It also has the best NCAA tournament winning percentage. If it’s to believe the statistic, Duke sounds promising. With RJ Barett, Cam Reddish and Zion Williamson, some of the biggest names of the college basketball, and along with Mike Kryzyewski as a coach who won five national championships, could Duke get the title?


Nevada happens to be a team that Elite 8 predictions put a lot of emphasis on. According to some opinions, it’s highly possible to see Nevada winning the Championship. Their strength lies in their experience. T

his team probably has what it takes to get to the very top of this year’s tournament. However, let’s see how the situation will develop.

West Virginia

West Virginia has made it to the Sweet Sixteen phase of the competition a few years in a row. With some improvements in their performance, and talented players such as Lamont West, Esa Ahmad, and Andrew Gordon, it won’t be surprising to see them among this year’s Elite 8 teams.


Gonzaga made it to the Elite Eight in 2015 and Final Four in 2017. Will they repeat their success this year? If we judge according to their performance during the season, this team might break through.


Villanova occupies an important part in the history of NCAA since in 1985 the team won the Championship as an 8 seed. It still stands as the lowest seed ever to win the title.

The team repeated the success in 2016 and 2018. It’s still quite early to predict the Finals, but hopefully, we could see them among the best.

Should You Bet on the Elite 8 Picks Now or Wait?

Early Elite 8 betting based on the current Elite 8 predictions could be quite risky. However, the bigger risk could bring much bigger payouts.

On the other hand, you can wait for the Tournament to start and when the majority of teams are eliminated, you can easily make your choice. In the meantime, the odds will shift so you can’t expect payouts that high like you can now.

Anyway, it’s totally up to you. Once you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages the Elite 8 betting might have in this stage, you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth betting on early Elite 8 predictions.

How to Place a Bet on the Elite Eight?

If you decide to place a bet based on the current Elite 8 predictions, first of all, you must find an online sports betting operator.

Check for some promotions that online sportsbooks offer to new customers who register on their website. After choosing your bookie, open an account and claim the welcome offer upon registration. Once you are signed in, you can start placing your bets.

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